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This class is to become certified as a firearms instructor. This is the entry level instructor course that is required for the USCCA to teach their curriculums. After completing this certification, you’ll have the ability to add additional instructor level certifications through the USCCA. 

USCCA/ DTC instructor Training

The USCCA/ DTC Instructor Training Program will allow you to teach quality classes that will draw MORE students!

Instructor classes are three-days. Friday and Saturday will go 10 am to around 6 pm. And Sunday will be 12pm to 5pm.

Click here to get details about the training and qualification.

Classroom location and shooting range is in McDonough Ga, at AmChar Gun range and store.

Registration links will take you to the USCCA website to complete registration. That is the official registration where you pay the $750.

Course fee of $750 covers all fees including the USCCA and the DTC toolkits. This full fee must be paid when registering.

This fee also includes the required e-Learning that must be completed before the instructor training. The USCCA will email you access, and we will also send you email guidance on how to login and complete the e-learning.


Here is the 3-Step Plan to Get Certified as an USCCA Firearm Instructor

1.) Prepare for the USCCA Instructor Training

Register for the class date that you want using the link below. This will also automatically order the USCCA eLearning & Instructor Toolkit. This kit includes the eLearning Training and Instructor Toolkit. The required eLearning Training MUST be completed before the USCCA Instructor Training.

– Review the USCCA Instructor Training Agenda and see what to bring to the training.

– Practice the USCCA Instructor qualification before the training.

– Complete the Learning Styles Inventory Test and bring it to the USCCA CCW Instructor Course.

Register for a Class Date!

2.) At the USCCA Instructor Training

The USCCA Instructor training is a combination of lessons and teach backs. We’ll go through the instructor’s requirements, and you’ll get a chance to practice your teaching skills.

The major pass/fail for this course is going to be your attitude. Only concealed carry and home defense fundamental instructor candidates that prove that they will represent the USCCA in an appropriate manner will become certified. If you come with an open mind and a positive attitude, then you’ll do great.

Test and Shooting Qualification:

a. There is an open book/notes test that you need to pass to become certified. All material is covered in the course and can easily be referenced in your notes or course information.

b. The USCCA Instructor shooting qualification is listed here so be sure to PRACTICE! This is an instructor level course, not a beginner’s class. Unsafe gun handling will also cause a failure.

3.) Get Ready to Teach Firearm Classes! 
The USCCA and Double Tap Coalition Are Here for You!

After the course, I’ll send your passing qualification to the USCCA.
It takes the USCCA about two-weeks to finalize your concealed carry and home defense fundamentals instructor credentials. They will send you the welcome information and create your login on the USCCA Instructor Portal.

At this point, you will have full access to the training material, and you’ll be ready to teach!
Double Tap Coalition and the USCCA are here to help. As an instructor, please don’t hesitate to contact with questions. We all want you to be the best firearms instructor that you can be.

Get Prepared and Start Teaching!
Rest assured that you have support after the training through Double Tap Coalition and all our instructors.

Ready to start teaching?

If you are like most of our instructor candidates, your friends have probably been asking if you can teach concealed carry, but you haven’t been able to help them yet.


Want to be an instructor to teach your friends, family, and community?


Or do you love guns and enjoy helping others learn how to shoot safely and effectively?


Then you’re ready to become a USCCA Certified Instructor. This will allow you to start teaching the USCCA’s firearm courses. 

USCCA CCHDF Certified Instructor Training

As a Certified USCCA Instructor not only do you get paid to teach, but you also get many other benefits.

  •  Modern training materials including a PowerPoint presentation with embedded videos and high-quality photos.

  • Instructor starter kit included with USCCA Instructor polo, hat, course books, posters, and lots more.

  • State supplemental CCW PowerPoint slides 

  • Personalized support from the USCCA Staff trainers

  • Discounts on guns and gear

  • Earn money while teaching your passion.

  • Tax savings by writing off your business’s guns, gear, and training.


The goal isn’t to just get certified.

You want to Get Trained how to be the Best Instructor.

This is about more than jumping through hoops. You want training that matters. And that’s exactly why Double Tap Coalition exists.

Ready to start teaching?

Course Details


Before you can take the USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals instructor training, you need to complete the USCCA eLearning training. This is unlocked when you register and pay the $750 course fee.

Please note that the instructor level training requires the ability to plan ahead and to be ready for the training and prerequisites. If you have questions, please ask, but you must be familiar with the expectations before the training. If you can’t be prepared for the instructor training. Then the expectation is that you won’t be able to properly prepare to teach CCHDF class after you get certified.

Course Length:

The USCCA CCW Instructor Training is a required 3-day training. It is scheduled to go from 10 am to around 6 pm each day. But the actual ending time is based on the instructor candidates’ performance.

Number of Participants:

There must be at least 2 USCCA Instructor Candidates in the training. Each Training Counselor can train up to 12 USCCA CCW Instructor Candidates.

Food and Drinks:

You will be able to leave the class to go out for food on our lunch break. Please feel free to pack snacks and drinks as we will be in class for a while. We don’t mind if you are eating/drinking during class. (We may have a microwave on site. Ask to be sure.)

Gun, Ammo, & Safety Equipment:

You are responsible for supplying the pistol and ammunition for the training and qualification. For this course and qualification, you must shoot a 380 ACP or higher caliber. No AR style pistols will be allowed. We recommend that you bring 200 rounds of practice ammo for the instructor training and qualification. We will not supply any items need for your shooting qualification as you are training to be an instructor. It is a must you come prepared.


We will email you further instructions after you register for the course.

Qualification Target:

The required USCCA Instructor shooting qualification is not timed but it is scored based on hits within the 9-inch circle of the USCCA Target. You can read more about the qualification here. Shooting distances range from 4 yards to 15 yards. You must score 40/50 shots to qualify. You will have two attempts to qualify.


You must also adhere to the USCCA’s 4 Universal safety rules and follow the instructor’s commands to pass. USCCA Instructor candidates can fail this qualification.

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