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Welcome to our course registration page. Below you can register for any of our classes, and you can find information on all our classes as well as information to help you better prepare for our classes.


Want to buy a gun, new gun owner, or just need introductory training:

Starts at $15 

New to firearms, ready for your first shots, or maybe it’s been a while since you’ve last shot. We have you covered. Our Intro to pistol I & II are great starting options for you. We also have one on one sessions as well that can also benefit you or your family’s needs. These will cover the basic firearm fundamentals teaching you proper grip, stance, sight alignment, and firearm components all the way to sending your first shots down range. No firearm, no problem you can add on a rental to get started with our training program. Or you can book our “Try before you buy” course to find out what firearm best fits you. We also offer training for women taught by women in separate classes. Classes start at $125

Rifles & shotgun training:

Start $150 

While we understand that many of us have more than just handguns, we also offer training courses on rifles and shotguns. Most of this training is done at an outdoor range due to the nature of our training. This training goes from beginner level up to more advance training courses. These are more physical classes as well so please come prepared to work after registering for your class. Classes start at $150


Experienced and ready to take training to the next level:

Start $165

Okay so you have the basic fundamentals mastered and now you’re ready for level two. Now we are introducing foot work and drawing from the holster with some added stress factors. Simulation based scenarios provide realistic situations. Also, we began to work on shooting from our support hand (non-dominant) because we need to put attention and focus on things that aren’t so conventional just as we do those that are. After all you don’t get to pick the rules if you ever have to engage in a gun fight and they are all open division so you must train as you want to make it out alive. Classes start at $165

Want more non-lethal and medical education:

Yes, we also have non-lethal and medical training course available as well. We understand that not every situation requires a firearm to diffuse, or maybe someone is injured and you’re a first responder. Knowing how to aid and defend life both go hand in hand. The simple ability to control bleeding is the number one prevention to most injuries that you may come across. Our medical courses are action and knowledge packed just like our firearm course. We believe that these skills are needed in every community across the United States. Being able to use nonlethal defense options is also a very important tool to have in your mental shed. As with everything there are many ways to do things, but it is ultimately up to you to choose the one that best fits the narrative you’re faced with.


Need group rates for events or corporate training:

Yes, we can handle all your group firearm trainings. All rates have to be quoted based on the number of attendees, the type of training or event being held. We can service corporate training, range staff training, or social outing events of any capacity. Please use the contact form below to reach out to us so that we can get started on your group today. Please provide as much information as possible for us to better serve you.

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